Hi all, The Mirage Island admin Matthew Hui back again to reflect on the recent Australia National Championships 2015, which a small (9) Singaporean contingent attended and did amazingly well at (no one below a 6-3 record and Top 64 out of a total of more than 320 participants). I’m sure they too will have …
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A brief guide to ORAS Pokemon Contests

January 22nd, 2015 | Posted by Matthew Hui in Miscellaneous Guides - (Comments Off on A brief guide to ORAS Pokemon Contests)

Amusing as it has been to watch Leon and Eugene get wrecked by the AI in contests, it’s also kind of discomforting on a different level, I hope this quick guide will take you through the basics and get you started. Why contests? The focus of our community is on competitive battling, so some may …
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Matthew Hui – Reflections on LCQ 2014

November 1st, 2014 | Posted by Matthew Hui in Team Reports - (Comments Off on Matthew Hui – Reflections on LCQ 2014)

So I jokingly suggested to Shawn that all of the players that went to worlds should write something, but the idea kinda grew on me the more I thought about it. Here therefore are my (mostly stream of consciousness) reflections, your turn, Shawn. Season Recap I found early success way back at the start of …
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